I'm a blogger, educator and a full stack developer. Mainly focused on Java, Spring and Micro-service architecture. I love to learn, code, make and break things.

My articles(so far)

Dynamic Scheduling in Quartz with Spring Boot Actuators

Spring BootIntermediate

A step by step guide explains how to do the dynamic scheduling in quartz using custom…

Working with Quartz Scheduler in Spring Boot

Spring BootBeginner

A step by step guide that covers different configuration of Quartz Scheduler and inte…

Working with Spring Boot Actuators

Spring BootBeginner

In this chapter, we will explore the Spring Boot Actuators. The Actuator offers produ…

Validating @ConfigurationProperties in Spring Boot

Spring BootIntermediate

Article explains how to validate @ConfigurationProperties in Spring Boot Application…

Task Execution and Scheduling in Spring Boot

Spring BootBeginner

Article covers everything you need to know about Spring Scheduler – including the ann…

Handling XML Request and Response in Spring Boot REST

Spring BootIntermediate

This article explains how to handle XML Request and Response in Spring Boot REST APIs…

How to Validate the @PathVariable in Spring Boot?

This article explains different options available to Validate the @PathVariable in Sp…

Java 17 Interview Questions and Answers


A curated set of interview questions and answers on Java 17.

Creating Parameterized Tests in JUnit 5

JUnit 5Intermediate

Parameterized tests allow you to execute a single test multiple times using different…

Order of Test Methods in JUnit5

JUnit 5Intermediate

This article explains how to order the execution of test methods in Junit5. It explai…

Working with Profiles in Maven


Chapter 7- Working with Profiles in Maven, delves into managing profiles in Maven to…

Popular Maven Commands Cheat Sheet


Chapter 6, lists some of the most popular Maven commands with their use that every Ja…

Local, Central, and Remote Repository in Maven


Chapter 5, Local, Central, and Remote Maven Repository, walks you through the various…

Dependency Management in Maven


Chapter 4, Dependency Management in Maven, this chapter discusses one of the most imp…

Creating Java Project using Maven Command Line

Java, MavenBeginner

Chapter 3, Creating Java Project using Maven, walks you through a step-by-step proces…

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