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We need your help in writing fresh new content for this site. Write for StackTips and earn while you learn!

We are working on expanding content for this site, and we need your help in writing fresh new content that will help the newbie developers with their learning journey.

The choice of topics will be based on your expertise. Please do not apply if you're still in the university/college or do not have in-depth knowledge knowledge on the topic. The primary programming language must be one of the following:

  • Java, Spring, Spring Boot
  • Python, Django
  • Android, Xamarin, Flutter, React Native
  • Cloud tech - AWS, Google, Azure


You will be getting paid for your time and efforts spent. All payouts will be in INR and transferred directly to your account after the article goes live.

Article SizeEntry levelExpert level
Small Article (300 ' 450 words) _ 1000_ 1500
Medium Article (600 ' 750 words) _ 2000_3000
Large Article (900 ' 1500 words) _ 3000_ 4500
Extra words (1500+ words) _ 0.50 per word_ 1 per word

When you join the platform, you will be treated as an entry-level author. You will be moved to the expert level when you submit at least 5 posts and posts meet the quality stands.

Writing a Series

If you want to write a series(at least 7 articles on a subject) on any new tech, please write to me and we can discuss the compensation. The minimum payout will be INR 20,000 and it could very up to 1000,000 INR.

Author's Credit

All the articles will be published under your name unless you decide otherwise. You will also be featured in our featured authors page.

If you think you are the right person to make this happen, please fill out the below form and wait for my call/email.

Where to Start?

If that doesn't put you off, here's how you go about submitting your content for consideration:

  • Send an ASCII text file - not Word! - containing your article to [email protected]. If you don't know what an ASCII text file is, you're probably not the kind of person we're looking for - Sorry.
  • Attach any images which might help illustrate the article to the email. Right-aligned images should be 180 pixels in width. Full-width images should be at least 720 pixels in width.
  • Ideally, use basic HTML to write your file. By that I mean use <a href="URL">, <strong>, <em>, but don't try to do anything snazzy with <font>, <span>, <div>, or <style>.
  • You'll appear on our list of guest contributors, so make sure not to forget to send us your photograph and a brief biography.

Confused? Got a question? Drop us a line and we'll try to explain.


Read this before writing your article to avoid time loss and frustration.

  • Quality: Content must be detailed, unique and at least 400 words long without fluffs.
  • Unique Content: Internet plagiarism, ChatGPT or duplicate content will be rejected.
  • Original Content: The content must be original and has not appeared elsewhere online.
  • Copyright: It doesn't matter who writes the content, but you need to own it. We retain the copyright of all material published on StackTips. Once a post is live you cannot republish it elsewhere.

If this all sounds good, please submit your post at [email protected].