Sencha Touch Licence and Installation process

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Editorial,  5 min read,  updated on September 17, 2023

This section explains Sencha Touch available Licence options and installation process. Sencha Touch is available with both opensource and commercial software licence.

Sencha Touch Licence

Sencha Touch is licensed under free commercial and open source licenses for application development, and a paid commercial license for OEM uses.

Commercial Software License

This is the appropriate option if you are creating proprietary applications and you are not prepared to distribute and share the source code of your application under the GPL. This is now available at no charge to developers.

Open Source License

Sencha is an avid supporter of open source software. This is the appropriate option if you are creating an open source application with a license compatible with the GNU GPL license v3. Although the GPLv3 has many terms, the most important is that you must provide the source code of your application to your users so they can be free to modify your application for their own needs. Visit below link to get more information on Sencha Touch Software License.

Download & Installation

  1. Download the Sencha Touch Libraries
  2. Make sure your development environment is set up
  3. Make sure your development and production Web servers are properly installed and configured
  4. Know the name of the CSS file you want your application to use. You will need this file name when you create the application HTML file in the next step

Sencha Touch Dev Environment and IDE

Software developers spend their workday in an integrated development environment. An IDE is a set of tools that aids easy application development, by allowing developers do the following things

  • Write and edit source code
  • Re-factoring code
  • Find and fix errors quickly
  • Code syntax intelligence/auto complete
  • Navigate code with ease
  • Compile and execute code
  • Browse class and subroutines
  • Integrated API documentations

It’s no wonder developers moved towards an IDE for their day to day development, but which IDE is right for you? What features you want? Here are the below Integrated Development Environments (IDE) Sencha touch supports

  1. Eclipse Based IDEs
  2. AptanaIDE
  3. Spket  IDE