This env.rb file provides setup and common functionality across all features. It’s included first before every test run, and the methods provided here can be used in any of the step definitions used in a test.

This is a great place to put shared data like the location of your app, the capabilities you want to test with, and the setup of selenium.

require 'appium_lib'
require 'cucumber'
require 'require_all'

require_all 'lib'
class AppiumWorld

caps = {
  caps: {
    'platformName' => ENV['PLATFORM'],
    'platformVersion' => ENV['VERSION'],
    'deviceName' => ENV['DEVICE'],
    'app' => ENV['APP_PATH'],
    'newCommandTimeout' => '200'
Appium.promote_appium_methods AppiumWorld

World { }

def app
  @app =$driver)

Before { $driver.start_driver }
After { $driver.driver_quit }