Websites Providing Attractive Android Tutorials for Developers

Here are list of some pretty cool and amazing websites that provides e-learning tutorials for developers. This will help developers who are just started programming for android.  All of the above websites provides awesome tutorials on android user interface design, android services, SQLite, advance android tutorials with complete open source code. Few are providing only the code snippets while few others provide complete example code.

I found all of them are quite helpful while I was pursuing android. Hope this will help you too

1. Vogella Android development tutorials

Free tutorials about Eclipse, Android, Web programming and other Open Source related programming tasks

2. JavatechIG android tutorials

JavatechIG provides compiled set of finest tutorials on leading java and mobile technologies like Android, Blackberry, Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and IBM Worklight etc. It provides some of the finest android tutorials along with the complete source code is available here.

3. Video android tutorials by udemy

Udemy is the world’s largest destination for online courses. Here you can find some of the video tutorials on android. I admit the fact that, video tutorials are time consuming. But for few others they can be much effective.

4. Android tutorials by mkyong

Provides ton of tutorials on java, android and advance java. You can find answers for each of the smallest questions. It is a good resource for person starting with android. But, it may not be much effective for learning advance android programming.

5. Android tutorials by javacodegeeks

It is yet another resource for learning android programming. Provides tutorials and learning materials on Java, Scala, Groovy and android news, tutorials, code examples and snippets, articles and more.

6. Android tutorials by androidhive

Androidhive is a personal blog sharing android tutorials, tips and hacks for android and game developers. It provides some of the complete advance tutorials on android.

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