The following code snippet shows how to calculate image dimension in java by reading the file from specified path.

public static Dimension getImageDimension(final File path) {
    if (path == null) return null;

    Dimension result = null;
    String suffix = getFileExtension(path.toString());
    if (suffix.startsWith(".")) {
        suffix = suffix.substring(1);

    final Iterator<ImageReader> iterator = ImageIO.getImageReadersBySuffix(suffix);
    if (iterator.hasNext()) {
        final ImageReader reader =;
        try {
            final ImageInputStream stream = new FileImageInputStream(path);
            int width = reader.getWidth(reader.getMinIndex());
            int height = reader.getHeight(reader.getMinIndex());
            result = new Dimension(width, height);
        } catch (IOException e) {
        } finally {
    } else {
        logger.error("No reader found for given format: " + suffix);
    return result;
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