Xamarin Android Tutorials

Find some of the high quality Xamarin.Android tutorials and examples to help you get started with Android programming using Mono. All the example and source code are open source. You’re free to share, distribute or add to your project.

All the tutorials, references, and examples provided in this website are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we offer no guarantee that any information published here is accurate. If you spot a mistake – let us know!

Chapter-1 Introduction to Xmarin.Android

Chapter-2 Knowing Layout Managers

Chapter-3 Building User Interface

  • Introduction to standard UI widgets
  • TextView
  • EditText and Validation
  • Radio Button
  • CheckBox
  • Rating Widget
  • WebView

Chapter-4 Introduction to AdapterViews

Chapter-5 Data Storage Options in Xamarin.Android

Chapter-6 Advance Xamarin.Android Tutorials

Chapter 11: Miscellaneous Android Examples

Please note that, this series is not complete. We are adding more and more tutorial to this series.

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