Getting Started with Spring Boot: A Beginner’s Guide

This course provides an introduction to the Spring Boot framework, and talks about some of the key features such as Auto-Configuration, Dependency Injection(DI) and Spring Boot Starter packages.

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Course highlights:

Welcome to our Spring Boot Beginner’s Guide!

This course will guide you through the world of Spring Boot, catering to beginners and seasoned developers alike. Whether you're new to Spring Boot or looking to sharpen your skills, this course has something for everyone.

💡 What is Spring Boot?

Spring Boot is a popular, open-source, enterprise-level framework for creating standalone, production-grade applications that run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). 

Spring Boot simplifies the development of Java applications, allowing you to focus on writing code, not configuration. It's widely used in the industry and has a thriving ecosystem, making it an essential skill for any Java developer.

It ideal for building a variety of applications, including:

  • Web applications
  • RESTful APIs
  • Microservices
  • Batch processing
  • Command line applications

📚 Agenda

  • We'll start by laying a strong foundation, covering the core concepts, and getting you comfortable with the basics.
  • Dive into practical, hands-on coding sessions, where we'll build a real-world application step by step
  • Explore advanced topics like Spring Security, RESTful APIs, database integration, and more, giving you the expertise to tackle complex projects.

👩‍💻 Who Should Take this Course?

  • Java developers looking to enhance their skills.
  • Software engineers interested in building robust, scalable applications.
  • Beginners curious about Spring Boot's capabilities.

🎁 Free Resources

We'll provide downloadable materials, code samples, and useful resources to help you on your Spring Boot journey.


Introduction to Spring Boot Framework

This tutorial covers the introduction to the Spring Boot framework, the key features the Spring Boot framework offers, and the Spring Boot Starter projects.