Getting Started with CSS

CSS is what makes the web beautiful. It describes how HTML should be displayed and how to layout elements. Take this class and get familiar with CSS!

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In this tutorial series you get to learn about CSS. CSS is the number design language for the web. CSS is easy to learn and it is used in most web development today. This course is a 1 hour course of action packed material. By the end of it you will have a firm understanding of the concepts of CSS.

Course Content

Introduction to CSS

Get introduced to the world of CSS and get setup so you are ready to begin styling your HTML documents.

5 minutes read

Adding CSS Styles to your Page

Learn the many different ways in which you can apply CSS styles to your HTML, including with external, internal and inline styles.

11 minutes read

Selectors, Properties, and Values

Selectors, Properties and Values are the core pillars of CSS and this lesson breaks it down for you.

10 minutes read


Life isn't black and white, and your pages shouldn't be either. Learn how to add some color in this tutorial!

10 minutes read

Fonts and Text

CSS offers many ways to change the look and feel of text. Learn how to do so in this lesson on fonts and text.

19 minutes read


Adding background colors and images is a great way to improve the way a page looks. Learn how to do that in this lesson!

13 minutes read

Applying CSS Filters

Filters are a simple yet powerful tool at your disposal to apply awesome visual effects on elements.

15 minutes read

The Box Model: Padding, Border, Margin

The CSS Box Model is an important concept to understand and in this lesson you will learn about margin, padding, and border.

19 minutes read

Grouping and Nesting CSS Selectors

Learn how to improve your CSS by grouping selectors together and nesting selectors wherever possible.

11 minutes read


Learn how to extend both the functionality and look of your HTML pages by targetting Pseudo-Classes.

6 minutes read


Learn how to extend both the functionality and look of your HTML pages by targetting Pseudo-Elements.

14 minutes read

Using CSS Variables

CSS variables allow you to change entire styles on a fly, giving you native and dynamic styles not possible before.

9 minutes read


Learn about the Display CSS property to know how to control how your elements are rendered on the page.

11 minutes read

Flexible Box Layout

The Flexible Box layout makes it easier to build a responsive and flexible layout for your page no matter the screen size.

34 minutes read

Grid Layout

The Grid CSS property gives you a powerful way to natively create a grid layout for your page to follow.

25 minutes read


Knowing how to position elements on your page is very important. Learn how to position elements in this lesson.

11 minutes read

Float and Clear

The float property specifies whether an element should be placed to the left or right of its container.

5 minutes read


Columns are popular in print media like newspapers and magazines, and CSS makes it easy to use your own.

8 minutes read

Page Layout Techniques

Learn the many techniques you can use to properly layout your elements on the page including using flexbox and grid.

11 minutes read

At-Rules and Media Queries

Use at-rules to extend the functionality of your CSS and target your styles using Media Queries, which are the basis for responsive design.

8 minutes read


Learn how to natively animate and transition between one state to another in this lesson on CSS Transitions!

10 minutes read


CSS animations allow you to natively animate properties of an element with ease to create awesome effects.

30 minutes read

2D Transforms

Learn how to natively manipulate and distort the elements on your page in 2D using CSS 2D transforms.

14 minutes read

3D Transforms

Learn how to natively manipulate and distort the elements on your page in 3D using CSS 3D transforms.

18 minutes read

Conclusion and Wrap Up

This lesson is the conclusion and wrap up of this class on CSS! Congratulations on completing the class!

5 minutes read