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We encourage our readers to comment, debate and even disagree with authors view on published articles. But, without a few simple guidelines, such discussions often lead to displeasure to our readers and discourages others from entering into the fray.

So here are some of the simple ground rules. By posting the comments on Stacktips, you agree to the following rules:

  • We encourage our readers to comment, debate and even disagree with authors view on published articles. However, we don’t support or promote any content that glorify violence or hatred against any individual, group or company.
  • You do not require to register with us or logged in to comment. We use Disqus platform for managing StackTips comments. You may required to log-in via Disqus for getting notifications when other community member reply to your comments.
  • We hates spam comments. It’s not acceptable to to many unwanted or repetitive comments. Such users will be blocked permanently.


All comments are review by web admin, before they are published. We reserve the right to delete comments that contains snarky remarks, offensive or off-topic.

All the links in the comments are moderated before they are published on site. We don’t mind links as long as the links help educate readers. All other promotional links will be removed form comments.

How to contact us?

If you have questions about this comment policy, please contact the site owner.

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