Blog Customize Your WordPress Admin Using Smart Dashboard Extras Plugin

Customize Your WordPress Admin Using Smart Dashboard Extras Plugin

Use Smart Dashboard Extra plugin to customize your WordPress admin dashboard by selectively removing interface elements and add more features. This Plugin comes handy with set of WordPress hooks, to customize admin interface elements in your WordPress dashboard. This also adds some extra important features that you always wanted to have.

WordPress Admin Features

Currently the Smart Dashboard Extra plugin supports following features:

  • It adds the contributors the ability to upload media
  • Limit contributors and authors to their own post
  • Notify website administrator when another Administrator logged into WordPress admin dashboard

Smart Dashboard Admin Settings

Dashboard Customisations

  • Remove default WordPress logo from the in the admin bar
  • Remove “Dashboard” sidebar menu links for non admin users.
  • Remove contextual \”Help\” links
  • Remove all dashboard widgets for non admin.
  • Customize or hide “Thank you for creating with WordPress” in footer
  • Remove WordPress version in the footer for non admin

Smart Dashboard Customizations


Install Smart Dashboard Extras WordPress Plugin

You may install the plugin directly via the built-in WordPress plugin installer or using FTP method. If you use FTP method, you first need to download Plugin form WordPress plugin directory.

  1. Once downloaded, Unzip inside the /wp-content/plugins/directory for your site
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ admin menu in WordPress
  3. Click on the “Smart Dashboard Extra” menu item in your WordPress dashboard to customize the plugin settings.
  4. Select “Remove all WordPress Dashboard Widgets” from Dashboard Customisation settings tab and click “Save Changes” button.
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