Blog Apache Cordova Windows Version 4.1.0 is is Now Out

Apache Cordova Windows Version 4.1.0 is is Now Out

The newer version of Apache Cordova for Windows version 4.1.0 is released. As per official Cordova release note, this version will be the default Windows version after next Cordova -cli release.

This release adds compatibility to Microsoft Windows 10 RTM version and supports the new web platform enhancements that it included, such as hosted apps and a new version of WinJS. It also supports the new .NET Native compilation model for Cordova plugins that include a native or .NET component.

Along with the above new feature enhancements, it also includes numerous bug fixes and stability improvements, including platform dependency problems and the ability to perform a Cordova prepare for Windows while running on a Mac.

Now you can use the console.log statement to see the log messages including the runtime exceptions from your app console. This is certainly will help in quick diagnostics as a result it will speedup the development process.

We will take a deep dive into the new version and will update with more details.

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