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Wondershare Video Editor 3.5.0 Released

By Editorial @stacktips, On Sep 17, 2023 Blog Posts 2.26K Views

Wondershare Video Editor is an easy-to-use and user-friendly video editing program that enables everyone to edit and enhance the videos to look amazing without putting much effort and hours of time on it. Recently, a new version (3.5.0) was released which made it even more reliable and powerful. In this review we will discuss all the major features of this software.

Simple yet stylish interface

Wondershare Video Editor has a well-organized workspace that allows for text and audio layering. Thanks to the drag-n-drop feature, you can instantly add your media files to the program instead of having to upload them from the containing folders.


Broad format support

Wondershare Video Editor is compatible with all types of videos captured by different brands or makes of digital camera, camcorders, mobile devices and much more. It’s also supports all the major file types including the HD format. So you don’t have to convert the original video files, thus keep the best video quality and save your time and energy.

Various unique editing tools and effects

With the unique video editing and effects provided by Wondershare Video Editor, you can easily edit and enhance your videos like a pro. Besides the very basic video editing tools like Crop, Cut, Split, Trim and Rotate, more unique tools and effects are included:

  • Beautiful filtering effects: In the Effect library, more than 70 creative and classic visual filters are available. You can directly drag and drop them onto the timeline for application.
  • Dynamic transitions: Choose from a wide selection of energetic and colourful transitions such as vertical shutter, grid zoom, skew right split and much more as you like.
  • Useful Text Effects: Now more dynamic text motions and styles are added, which allows you to feature different text titles across your scenes with the text effects.
  • Power Tool: Power Tool is a set of amazing features that lets you do something different with your clip. Mosaic Blur enables you easily blur part of the video as per your needs. Tilt Shift allows you to focus on a desired part of the video and gives a little blur to the rest area. Face off means that all the faces in the video would be covered with a clip art or would be made blur. Jump Cut would add more fun to your video.


Different output options

Wondershare Video Editor provides different ways to export your videos. You can convert your videos into over a dozen of different formats while still have the original quality intact or save your videos onto iPhones (5, 4 and 3), iPod, iPad, Samsung and HTC mobiles, PSP as well as other supported devices. You can also choose to upload your videos onto YouTube and Facebook with no hassle or turn your videos into a keepsake on a DVD.


The features list to Wondershare Video Editor doesn’t end yet. In fact, there are other great features available to make your video even more outstanding, such as the Audio Detach function, Smart Scene Detection feature, Flash and Hold effect and more. Now just go to the product page and try it out yourself!

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