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Unleashing Agile Development Tools Amended For Better Performance

By Rick @rick_brown, On Sep 17, 2023 Blog Posts 2.3K Views

The Agile development is in the vogue nowadays, this is why, not only the software developers but, various businesses are also seeking a quickly iterative and better approach.

However, adopting this change is not as easy as said, but luckily there are several agile development tools that can help attain success in an efficient and effective fashion. Moreover, with the rising demands of the businesses, these tools have been further refined and upgraded to ensure surefire results.

Let’s have a look at some of the top-notched development tools that facilitate rapid project management in a proficient way.

Atlassian Jira

Atalasian JIRA

Popular for efficiently analyzing the product development, the Atlassian Jira tool offers a great way to help teams keep their work well organized and instantly resolve the issues with an absolute approach. Teams can assign the task and follow the desired activity by implementing this tool. Moreover the add-on, jira Agile offers additional features that add to agile development, and these include team functions visualization, fast-running backlogs development and more.

Jira has been eventually improved version by version and the latest of all three is the Jira 6.3 version. Here are the features of its each version.

  • 6.1 Version – It included an HTML5 editor and branch workflow functionalities that enabled teams to efficiently perform their job while implementing smaller branches.
  • 6.2 Version – Offers a dashboard by bringing all the relics associated with development under a common place.
  • 6.3 Version – This is the current version that has been incorporated with better project-tracking features for improved performance.

The latest portfolio of Jira allows users to review the work status for a project and teams at a glance.



The LeanKit maps the organization processes on a whiteboard that implements the cloud-based services. By using this tool, teams can visualize how the workload is distributed among several members and allow them to fetch the older data associated with the projects.

To deliver more refined data details, the tool has been recently enhanced with more reporting methods and sign-on functionalities. In fact, tools that help manage an enterprise project portfolio for an enterprise have also been incorporated in the LeanKit. This is just the beginning, this tool has been designed with the scope of betterment to the large extent that can be integrated to meet the futuristic business demands as and when desired.



With a tool like Planbox, you can easily keep a track of all the processes running on your project through the dynamic customer feedbacks and burndown charts generated by this tool. This management tool has been recently improved further to deliver a remarkable performance with an enhanced dashboard and better reporting. However, it is also expected to soon come up with more powerful and resourceful features like time tracking tool and capability to allow users fetch the desirable data implemented in the Planbox.



The previous version of this tool was popular as Axosoft OnTime Scrum. The suite of this tool basically includes four major modules including Hesk Desk, Wiki, Bug Tracker and Scrum. It is based on HTML5 and designed to facilitate teams with burndown charts, and efficient time tracking and bug fixing functions via a user-friendly dashboard. These features will certainly help teams to conveniently and instantly manage sprints, backlogs and releases.

This proficient tool has been further updated with new and advanced capabilities like SMS notifications for better team management. The integrated daily Scrum feature represents the status bar corresponding to work accomplished by a team. You can also observe some more amendments in the latest version of the tool, like drag and drop features, cut and paste feature, a more enhanced dashboard and a lot more.

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

The Team Foundation Server (TFS) is basically a tool that helps manage the lifecycle of an application that is developed in the Visual Studio. In the very recently upgraded version of this tool you can find a better text editor, work elements that can help deliver an enhanced performance. The amended Kanban board of the TFS enables users to track a greater number of items.

Moreover, to ensure security the stakeholder license has also been incorporated in the server itself, as it helps keep shuffling server access. Its latest version Update 4 has even enabled the stakeholders with a complete access permissions (including, read, write and create) to the work elements, while prohibiting the access to code and tests.

These augmentations epitomize how the development tools are enhanced to support the rising need of agile development in businesses. You can also reap the benefits of these resourceful tools and improve your business productivity which embellishing your project quality.

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