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Top Rated Eclipse Plugins for Java Developers

By Celin @celin_smith, On Sep 17, 2023 Blog Posts 2.39K Views

As an integrated development environment, Eclipse has always proved to be a robust and viable tool for Java developers when it comes to improving their level of productivity and managing workflow. Its open-source nature and high-quality functionalities help webmasters stay productive and better equipped to build high-end projects. The software also offers a great deal of plugins that play an important role in the success of the Java based projects. They allow Eclipse to remain competitive and stand out amongst so many IDE’s and be the most popular in its own  way.

In this post, we are going to show you a collection of some top of the line Eclipse plugins that help developers stay more agile and efficient. So, without much ado, let’s discuss about them in detail.

Code Quality Plugins

1. Find Bugs

Find Bugs is a highly reliable plugin that is used with eclipse IDE to help you locate bugs in Java based projects. The software is available for free under Lesser GNU Public License and also available on Maven, Netbeans, and IntelliJ.

2. CheckStyle

CheckStyle is a powerful open-source development tool that allows you to keep a close eye on whether your Java code adheres to the coding standards. The tool analyzes the source code of your Java document and highlights those items which violate the pre-defined set of coding standards.

3. EClemma

EClemma is a free Java code coverage tool great for providing fast development and test cycles. The tool offers an excellent analyzes of the coverage by instantly summarizing and highlighting the results in the Java source code editors.

Text Editor Plugins

4. Any Edit Tools

Any Edit Tools is an extremely helpful plugin that allow you add a new text-based eclipse editors to output consoles. It also provides a seamless way to import and export data.

5. Eclipse-rbe

Eclipse Resource Bundle Editor is an ideal plugin used to perform editing on the Java resource bundles. Some of its highlighting features include: sorted keys, display of warning icons in the case of missing values and keys, hierarchical views of keys and more.

Dependency Management Plugins

6. Apache IvyDE

Apache IvyDE is an eclipse plugin that helps you effectively manage dependencies declared in an ivy.xml file in your Java project. It comes packed with a great deal of features such as managed classpath container, Ivy XML files editor, Ivy console, reverse dependency explorer and more.

7. M2eclipse (Maven Plugin)

M2eclipse comes complete with a solid integration with Apache Maven for developing dynamic Java powered projects with ease. It boasts awesome functionalities such as dependency management as well as their automatic downloading from the remote maven repositories, wizards that help you create new Maven projects and more.

Version Control Integration Plugins

8. Subclipse

Subclipse is a top rated SVN plugin that provides a firm support for the smooth functioning of Eclipse IDE and it is licensed under EPL 1.0. Its user-friendly interface is what that is mostly liked by its users and rich functionalities that add an edge to your Java powered projects.

9. EGit

EGit plugin is extremely helpful in synchronizing views as well as reading for .git/exclude files. It also offers sophisticated commands for pulling and pushing.

10. MercurialEclipse

MercurialEclipse is a solid plugin with an active version control system that helps you manage and work on the highly popular Mercurial, distributed source control management tool within eclipse IDE.

Framework Development

11. Spring Tool Suite

Spring Tool Suite basically provides a range of best-fitted tools that help developers in creating robust frameworks for the leading Java projects.

12. Spring IDE

Spring IDE is an easy and effective way of developing and managing spring framework based applications. It features a graphical user interface that lets you configure files with the help of Spring framework and a range of features to write compelling Spring applications.

13. Hibernator

Hibernator is all what you need to create/update a database schema, working with Hibernate queries and develop user-friendly Hibernate mapping documents.

14. Jboss Tools

Jboss Tools is a set of plugins that is used with eclipse IDE. Tailored to improve productivity, its top range of tools provides superior support for your entire project. It also comes packed with a broad set of tooling capabilities and is compatible to support multiple programming models and frameworks.

Continuous Integration Related Plugin

15. Hudson Status

Hudson Status is an easy to follow plugin that displays the status of an application in the form of an icon on Hudson build server. The icon changes itself as per the growth made in the project development process and unsuccessful projects are listed in the tooltip.


So, there we have it all. The above mentioned list of top rated eclipse plugins will help you quickly get started developing Java applications by providing a development environment which is simple and friendly.

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