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MBOX to Outlook Converter Software Product Review

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This review of the product MBOX Converter version 2.1 highlights its characteristics and also some drawbacks that it possesses. But as whole the software application no doubt serves its Work well as an MBOX to Outlook converter. It easily converts MBOX files supported on about 17+ email clients into Windows Outlook PST format without having the need to put extra efforts for the conversion.

Product Overview

Product NameMBOX Converter
Developer CompanySysTools
Tool Download Link
License AvailablePersonal
Versions AvailableDemo
Software Size8.7 MB only

‘Product Review’ has its own importance as it describes in detail about each and every factor where the particular product excels and the fields in which it lacks. This inspired me a lot and made me pen down my lines of thought for the software application, though it may vary from person to person as different users might have used the tool from different perspectives. But I found the tool superior to several others, proved through its personal license that I bought as well as other reviews that I read before actually investing in it. So, let’s get familiar with the unmatched features that the application inculcates within itself.

Characteristics of the Tool Explored To Get Acquainted-With

Below are specified some really catchy features of the tool used as an MBOX to Outlook converter that lures the clients.

  1. Converts files in batch – The tool converts several files all together at once from MBOX file type to PST format that can be opened on any version of MS Outlook desktop email client.
  2. Simple User Interface – The interface of the application is very simple, user-friendly and self explanatory that makes the conversion easy and error free. This feature attracts users of all sections, expertise and non-experts.
  3. Converts In EML and MSG FormatAlso – Other than Outlook PST format, the software allows conversion in two other formats also that are EML and MSG file type. This is really an added advantage due to the following reasons:
  • The .eml files can be opened in Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, and Windows Mail etc.
  • The individual emails saved as .msg files can used by MS Outlook.
  • Make single PST File: With this preference provided to the users, all converted MBOX files can be merged into a single common PST file.
  • Generate Multiple PST Files: This alternative allows you to make a single PST file for each MBOX file. For e.g., if 10 MBOX files are converted then the tool creates 10 separate PST file each.
  1. Supports Several MBOX Formats – MBOX file type is a normally used format made by a multiple applications in different formats such as .mbox or .mbx or MBOX file type without any extension. These entire file formats are supported by the tool.
  2. Maintains File/Folder Hierarchy – The structure of the converted file and folders are maintained even after conversion into any of the possible formats and without data loss.
  3. Provides Files Selectivity Option – The converter application offers selectivity choice so only the required files and folders can be exported avoiding unnecessary files. This helps in saving time as well as available storage space.
  4. Alternative To Create Single And Multiple PST Files – Depending on choice either of the 2 option can be chosen:
  5. Multiple File Naming Options – This feature is an exceptional one as it is provided to users only if they save MBOX files as EML or MSG format.

Note – The tool provides the choice to choose a suitable naming pattern to save each email with. There are multiple file naming conventions available like: Save as subject, DD-MM-YY, DD-MM-YYY, MM-DD-YY, MD5, Auto-incremental and many more.

How the MBOX to Outlook converter Works?

The tool reviewed here is able to achieve the above mentioned multiple matchless features in 4 easy steps that does not require any extra effort. These 4 main steps are:

  1. Open – With the ‘Open’ option the file or folder to be converted can be browsed.
  2. Scan – With the ‘Scan’ option the file/folder can be loaded for conversion.
  3. Preview – Thereafter preview of the converted emails is provided for user’s satisfaction.
  4. Save – Once satisfied with the conversion the files can be saved as Outlook PST, EML or MSG.

Note – To achieve the above functionalities, the tool shall have to be downloaded and installed as a first step

Most Attracting Feature

  • Outlook Installation is not required to convert MBOX files into Outlook PST format i.e. though the tool is used as MBOX to Outlook converter, installation of the same is not necessary.

Software Application Download and Installation Details

  • Demo/Licensed version of tool can be downloaded from the official website of the developer Company.
  • Simple System requisites are essential to run the tool on Windows OS. Make sure that the machine has at least 1GHz of processor; 1GB RAM and 10 MB space free in the hard disk.
  •  Installation process is extremely simple. The software application is free from any discrepancies and is safe to install in system as it does not affect any setting or functioning of the existing applications.

Demo Available – Get Trial Facility

The trial version that is available free of cost enables users to test the tool and check its functionalities well purchase. The free edition definitely helps users to clear all doubts (if any) about the key characteristics and its performance. The ability to provide preview of all MBOX files and convert 25 email items in 3 formats that are PST, EML and MSG helps in getting better understanding about the tool.

Possibility of Enhancement

It is well known that MBOX files are flexible in nature, i.e. it is accessible on cross platforms such as Windows, Mac as well as Linux operating system. But MBOX converter is supported on Windows OS only which is a drawback. It would be certainly better if the tool would be supported on the other two widely used OS also. But this shortcoming does not matter to a great extent because the MBOX files can be transferred to Windows OS by loading them in USB flash drive.

My Final Judgment on the Software

Different users may have different lines of thought about the application software but considering the feasibility and performance and of the tool; I can say that it is a tool complete in all aspects that meets the expectations of users. Moreover; it’s simple interface, minimum system requirements swift and speedy performance makes it quite influential for a basic user who does not have technical expertise.

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