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How to Create a New Template in Google Docs

By Bibhudatta @bibhu_bib, On Sep 17, 2023 Blog Posts 2.31K Views

Google Docs is an shiney example cloud computing software that allow user to create, edit, and store documents on the internet for free of cost. It is an web based application and hence, you do not require to download or install any software on your computer in order to user it.

You can create a document on the fly by simply login to your Google mail account. All the files created are stored on the cloud server and can be you accessed whenever you need them from the Internet. Documents can be shared among other users, so they can view or edit in real time.

Since it’s initial release on 2007, Google Docs is now used by millions of users on daily basis. Specially it is popular among bloggers, journalist and student community.

Either you’re creating a project report or a piece of white paper, you often need to prepare multiple documents with similar look and feel. And it is very monotonous task. Instead of starting a new document from scratch, you can save tons of time by using templates.

For example, a company defines its own template with organization’s branding and share the template among all co-workers. Other  employees can use that template and produce professional document with unified look.

Please note, as of today Google Doc templates are available for english language only.

This tutorial will show you how to create a new document template in Google Docs.

Saving Template from Template Gallery

You can either create a new template from your existing document style or save an existing template from the Google Docs template gallery. To save template from template gallery:

  • First, login to your google account and open Google Docs. Notice that the top section of the page with recommendation to some of the templates.


  • Click on the “Template Gallery” button to the top right corner. This will take you to template gallery page.


  • Click on the template of your selection. This will automatically create a copy in “My Drive.” You can now edit the document and to necessary changes as you like.

Saving Template from Existing Document

To create an document template from existing document:

  • First, login to your google account if not logged already and open Google Docs.
  • Click on the “Template Gallery” button to open template gallery page.
    Click on your user name tab. In my case it is “STACKTIPS”


  • Now, click submit template. This allows you to browse through your Google Drive and select the existing document.
  • Browse through the Google Drive directories and Select your template source document. Enter template title and optionally select the category.


  • Click on submit. This will automatically create a copy in “My Drive.”
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