Google Fonts Website Gets a Fresh New Material Design Look

nilan avtar
Nilanchala Panigrahy 馃尡

Since its first release on 2010, Google fonts has been the first choice for web developers. It offers collections of free web fonts (under Apache License and SIL Open Font License) to use on personal and commercial projects.

Now Google fonts website interface is refreshed with the fresh new material design look. With the new design, it makes it easy to search a Typography, choose the right typeface of your choice聽or to preview typeface before using on your project.聽The old list view layout is now revamped to grid layout.

Typecast is integrated to the grid layout for better preview purpose. You can now resize, change font weight, size and style right there in the grid. The color fill option in the title allows to change the background color to preview typeface in different contrast background.

Some of the beautiful font inspirations are curated in Featured section. As usual, you can click on plus button(+) to select and download the fonts to desktop or embed the web fonts into your own website.Google Web Fonts- Material Design

Visit Google Fonts.

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nilan avtar

Nilanchala Panigrahy 馃尡

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