Google Brings Material Design to AdSense Dashboard

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Since it’s first release on 2003, Google has added many new features to the AdSense publisher dashboard. However, most of these new features were added around intelligent ads display and click-fraud monitoring rather then any visibly UI updates.

Now Google has updated the AdSense publisher dashboard interface with the fresh new material design look. Material design is one of the recent design trend that brings minimalist, flat and consistent user experience on both mobile and web. It was first introduced for Android (Android – 5.0 Lollipop) smartphone UI, in 2014 annual Google Developer Conference.

Ever since, Google is pushing developers and all of their applications to standardize UI across mobile and desktop application using material design. Application such as Inbox, Google Fonts, Firebase dashboard are already using Material design and now, Google is testing Material Design UI for Google Search results and Google Analytics dashboard.

Following are summary of the design changes you will notice in your AdSense dashboard.

  • The new publisher dashboard using flat material blue navigation with simplified responsive navigation.
  • The top level menu options (Home, My ads, Performance report, etc.) are now placed on sidebar. You can hide show sidebar by clicking on the menu button on the title. This is very useful for small screen size users as it gives additional space to view your reports.
  • Reports including Performance, Channel, Countries etc are now presented in a card. You can personalize your dashboard by adding, removing and rearranging the cards of your choice.
  • There are noticeable material design animation throughout site.

Note that the AdSense mobile application for both Android and iOS remains same. The app UI is currently using material design practices. However unlike desktop the mobile app has limited features and scope.

We love the new AdSense design, hope these changes improve your Google Analytics experience too! Let us know your experience in the comment below.

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