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Facebook Encouraging Developers to Migrate to Facebook SDK v4

By Nilanchala @nilan, On Sep 17, 2023 Blog Posts 2.3K Views

Facebook SDK is widely used almost in every app today. It allows seamless integration of Facebook into Android, iOS and web application. Using this you can login to your app via Facebook, comment, like share and access users informations and many more.

The new version of Facebook SDK v4 was announced last year on Facebook Developer Conference. This version includes a major changes to the Login flow, improved error handling and a massive improvement on reducing the overall size of application using Facebook SDK.

Since then, for quite some time the company is encouraging developers to make a shift from v3 to v4. And finally, Facebook has now announced that it will no longer support v3 starting June 1, 2017. This announcement applies to both Android and iOS versions or Unity(v7) versions. The older apps that implements SDK v3 version will continue to work; however, developers cannot take advantages of the new new features after the June 2017.

Some of the improvements on Facebook SDK v4 includes:

  • The size of SDK is significantly reduced. This results the iOS and Android build size. Now your 10MB apk might get around 6/7.
  • iOS SDK design overhaul to made it more modular with separate Login and Sharing libraries. Now you only include what you need
  • Updated Facebook Login UI and simpler programming model that doesn’t require the Facebook app to be installed on the person’s device
  • Improved sharing functionality including video sharing, hashtags, and mixed multimedia support
  • iOS and Android automatic error recovery
  • Facebook Analytics for Apps improvements
  • tvOS and Android/Fire TV support

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