Surefire Tips to Boost User Engagement on Magento Ecommerce Website

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The eCommerce business has shown remarkable traction in the last few years. In order to capitalize the growing eCommerce market, most of the business owners invested hugely on building their footprint on E-shops. Although the idea of having an e-shop sounds fun, it is a very costly affair. And it takes insane amount of time and effort.

That’s where the Magneto helps. Magento offers a tons of eCommerce features that allow E-retailers create an engaging online store quickly. It brings all of the necessary functionality that are required for making your e-store successful.

The major challenge in the today’s fiercely competitive market is sustainability. How to increase your user engagement? What turns your visitors to customers?

To increase the performance of E-store, we need to think about multiple factors. In this article, we will talk about some tips that will help you to boost the user-engagement and sales of your eCommerce website:

1. Make it Responsive

These days, more and more people are using mobile phones to browse the Internet and buy their favorite products from eCommerce websites. Recently, Internet browsing through the mobile devices surpassed the desktop computer users. So, it is important for you to optimize your website for various devices, screen sizes and resolutions.

When you create a mobile-friendly eCommerce website, you get lots of traffic from mobile Internet users. It increases your sales and productivity up to a great extent. You can offer a soothing shopping experience to mobile shoppers by developing a mobile app for your website. This will allow visitors to buy more and more products from your E-shop using your app.

You can use free Google Search Console Tool to test how responsive and mobile friendly is your web store. This can be your first step towards optimizing your e-store for mobile. Following screenshot shows how mobile friendly this website is.

Google Search Console- Mobile Friendly Test

2. Painless Checkout Process

Complicated or confusing checkout process is one of the main reasons that contribute greatly to shopping cart abandonment. When users face problem to place orders on your eCommerce website, they leave the site immediately without making any transaction.

If you want to attract more traffic to your E-shop and generate sales, offer easy checkout process to your potential customers. You can use Magento “Product Page Checkout” extension form Magento Commerce website to make the checkout process of your website simple and quick.

3. Real-time Assistance

Making your eCommerce website visually appealing and uploading lots of products is not enough. For generating more and more sales, you need to take all steps that could make it easier for buyers to shop products easily on your E-shop.

There are many customers who visit your E-store and they have issues regarding your products/website, replacement of goods, etc. To address the concerns of such users and engage them on your website, you need to install a robust live chat system on your Magento store. It will help potential customers to get their issues resolved quickly. A happy customer will love to buy from your site in the future as well.

4. Payment Options

There are several shoppers who hesitate to visit your eCommerce website because of the limited availability of payment options. eCommerce websites (such as Amazon) that deal with customers from different countries, need to have multiple payment options to allow their customers to pay easily for products they purchase. If you want to increase the sales of your E-shop, offer payment options to your customers.

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5. Easy Navigation

Keep your website structure in such a way that both visitors and search engines can easily understand it. The benefit of having a neatly organized website is that users easily find where they are on the site. It also helps them to look for products easily and quickly.

Submit your site to search engines with a complete sitemap. It will allow them to add your site or its pages in their search results. It will increase the usability and visibility of your site, both, up to a great extent. Create high-level categories on your eCommerce website and add smaller subcategories that allow users to find your products/services easily.

6. Apprise for New Products & Deals

eCommerce companies update their website with new products from time-to-time, but they fail to register enough demands for the newly launched produces primarily because they did not inform their customers/potential buyers through appropriate channels.

To inform your customers about the latest developments on your E-shop, you can do the following:

  • Update your website with unique content regularly. Add clear images (of products) and informative videos to content to spread your messages to millions of people easily and quickly,
  • Implement the best & the latest practices of SEO to increase your site’s visibility in search engines. It will help you to get organic traffic to your website and chances of sales will be amplified,
  • Launch Email marketing campaigns aggressively to educate your customers about your new products and boost sales,
  • You can setup a blog on your store and update it with latest changes and offers,
  • To expand your online presence, engage in active blogging. Pay more attention to make a solid presence on different social media channels and generate leads as well.

7. UpSelling is Must

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, every customer is important for your eCommerce business. If you want to increase your sales and revenue, you need to pay more attention to upselling.

In fact, upselling is a process of selling more products to customers by suggesting them new/similar products. For example- If a customer is buying a laptop from your E-shop, you can suggest him/her to purchase laptop accessories such as a laptop bag, sleeve, laptop stand, wireless mouse, keyboard cover, cleaning kit, external hard drive, USB flash drive, cooling pad, wireless printer, external speakers, etc, to sell out your merchandise and boost your ROI.

8. Ask for Product Reviews

Online shoppers tend to research a lot before buying a product. So, they scroll through the review section of several eCommerce websites and read out product reviews, given by other users. Based on other’s recommendation and suggestion, they make up mind to whether to buy from your eCommerce website or not.

So, take all possible measures to offer the best shopping experience to customers on your E-shop and allow them to rate your products and services. If you display reviews on your E-shop, it will encourage shoppers to get important info about your products/services and buy easily. Even negative reviews allow you to improve your website and amplify your sales eventually.

9. Be Fair

Shoppers tend to buy almost all products online in today’s fast world. But they are highly conscious about the price while buying products and services through eCommerce websites. If they notice that you are charging a hefty amount as shipping cost, they cancel the order at once and look for options.

So, just try to keep the shipping cost moderate as far as possible so that customers can afford them without feeling any discomfort.


The competition in eCommerce business is increasing rapidly and E-retailers work hard to increase their business share. If you run Magento eCommerce store, implementing the above-mentioned tips will help you gain more visitor on your site and increase the conversion rate swiftly.

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