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Architexa UML Modeling Tool Suite for Eclipse

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Architexa is yet another smarter eclipse tool that allows you to build diagrams quickly from your code. It provides easy to use and powerful user interface that lets you create code diagrams that make sense. Currently Architexa support most common diagrams including, class and sequence diagram. Architexa is designed to be code centric around your need.

Architexa Features

The Architexa tool suite helps developers with the following features

  1. Make sense of your code with quick visualizations of key components
  2. Take advantage of powerful interactive exploration of the diagrams
  3. Document code architecture and share discussions with team members
  4. Powerful Class, Sequence, and Layered Diagram Generation and Editing
  5. Collaboration by Sharing Diagrams, Annotating, and Commenting
  6. Sophisticated real-time code analysis.

Layered Diagrams

  • View high level code organization
  • Examine code dependencies
  • Detect code cycles quickly

Class Diagrams

  • View comprehensive architecture
  • Understand class interctions
  • Conquer open tabs

Sequence Diagrams

  • Examine nitty-gritty code details
  • Understand detailed logic flow
  • Debug easily

IDE Integration

  • Real-time code analysis
  • Linked exploration
  • Open diagrams from any Eclipse view


  • Effortless sharing
  • Create groups to share with
  • Share by email


  • Add JavaDoc comments to diagrams
  • See related diagrams
  • Track changes to diagrams

Installing Architexa

Open eclipse and drag the below Install button into workspace.

Drag to your running Eclipse workspace to install Architexa for Eclipse 3.x

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