The newer version of Apache Cordova for Windows version 4.1.0 is released. As per official Cordova release note, this version will be the default Windows version after next Cordova -cli release.

This release adds compatibility to Microsoft Windows 10 RTM version and supports the new web platform enhancements that it included, such as hosted apps and a new version of WinJS. It also supports the new .NET Native compilation model for Cordova plugins that include a native or .NET component.

Along with the above new feature enhancements, it also includes numerous bug fixes and stability improvements, including platform dependency problems and the ability to perform a Cordova prepare for Windows while running on a Mac.

Now you can use the console.log statement to see the log messages including the runtime exceptions from your app console. This is certainly will help in quick diagnostics as a result it will speedup the development process.

We will take a deep dive into the new version and will update with more details.