How to Delete all Local Branches in Git?

Code snippet to delete all other local branches except master, develop or release/* in your local machine. ..


Proliferation Caused by Java Unified GC Logging

As most of you knew, GC logging is not standardized. GC log format varies by JVM vendor (Oracle,… ..


How to Add JSONP Support for Spring REST API?

In this example, we will learn how to add JSONP support to your Spring REST API. JSONP is a technique used to overcome the cross-d..

How-To Guides

How to Clear the Local DNS Cache in Mac OS?

You can flush your local DNS cache in Mac OS (up to El Capitan) from your Terminal by… ..

Spring Boot

How to Enable GZIP Compression in Spring Boot?

HTTP compression is a capability that can be built into web servers and web clients to improve transfer… ..


Git Commands Cheat Sheet

A list of some commonly used Git commands to get you going with Git. 1. Configuring Git To… ..

Spring Boot

Integrate Apache Tiles3 to Spring Boot Web MVC Application

Spring Boot Web MVC configured to produce an executable WAR and ready for fully fledged web application development. In this tutor..

Spring Boot

Using H2 In-Memory Database in Spring Boot

In the course of this tutorial, we will see how to use the H2 in-memory database to perform the CRUD (create, read, update and del..


How to Encode and Decode URL in PHP

This post explains how to encode and decode URLs using PHP. PHP supports the encoding and decoding of URLs by providing some built..


Default Methods for Interfaces in Java8

This example-driven tutorial outlines the usage of default methods for an interface in Java8. The Java Tutorials have been written..

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