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8 Surefire Tips For Your Mobile App Success

By Editorial @stacktips, On Sep 17, 2023 Blog Posts 2.28K Views

Be it Java or any other platform, Android or other OS’s,mobile app development is everywhere and a popular revenue source for developers. Yet, only a fraction of them taste success. Whether it’s an app for commercial use or an enterprise rollout,the goal of any app is to get user acceptance and adoption.Irrespective of the platform, there are a few basic pointers that are common. With that in mind, we’ve put together some tips to make your app concept as fool proof as possible because it is just too easy to go unnoticed.

Get Your ResearchHatOn!

You think your app idea is awesome. It could truly be, yet, double-checking the app storeand a simple Google search will save you a lot of time (and money). Knowing what’s out there only helps refine and avoid pitfalls or failure.

From our experience, the “research phase” of your app plan should be your first priority. You should conduct thorough research of the mobile app landscape, in particular, looking to seeif your app idea is unique or not. Also, if your idea already has been developed and is in the market. If it does exist, don’t be discouraged. This may actually be a positive. Look at existing apps and see how your idea could build features that help your app stand apart. At times, a few little enhancements or integrations can do wonders and rocket your app to unexpected levels. The bottom line: Research, research, research!

Take The Platform Quiz Early

This is probably the easiest one: Which platform should you develop on? Well, there are only two platforms to compare – Apple & Android. Currently, there are more Android phones being sold than Apple. But, stats aren’t everything. For your app, think about the user type/the market and then what device that user is most likely to use. Align your solution with respect to the potential device; meaning to target one device at one given point of time. Once it clicks, you could proceed on to the other platform better prepared and more confidence.

Make Sure Your App AddsValue

By now you should have an idea of why your app is unique/how it helps and adds value to users. It’s no secret that the app market is thriving, owing to the thousands of available apps, hence it is imperative to offer something extra (a.k.a add value to the users). One of the best ways is to reward the users each time they use your app – it could be anything, such as offering discounts for in –app purchase oroffering more informative content, special offers and so on.

Have A Great App Design

First impressions are extremely important for apps – in order for your app to succeed, it has to look/feel great. The look and the feel of your app is going to influence adoption of your app and if will be successful. Make sure the images, graphics and the pictures are high resolution and the color definitions are crystal clear irrespective of the OS and the device.

Make Sure The FunctionalityIs Pretty Perfect

If a user downloads your app, it should work. Period. It should work effortlessly across devices. Make sure yourigorously test all the functionalities, ensuring that everything works perfectly on all possible devices. Leave no functionality untested, as one error may lead to another and a slight delay or malfunction makes the app crash.

Make Sure It’s User Friendly

Never forget: Appsaremade for the user and haveto beeasy/intuitiveto use.Keep the interface grounded and simple as not all users willbe tech-savvy or have the patience to explore your app. No clutter, no distortion, no irrelevant content, no delays or unnecessary add-ons for your app.

Give The User APart To Play

Yes, personalization is loved by all! It is undoubtedly the clear winner. If your app can do that, you’ll get user adoption much quicker.The personalization touches don’t have to be big ones. The personalization can be in the form of changing colors, backgrounds and much more. But remember to draw the line at the right user-levels and abilities – you don’t want users to have too much control of the app. Too much control can be overwhelming and, well, bad to maintain control.

Cater To The New Age Audience

Keeping up with the user’s pace of adapting to technology may seem tough, yet it definitely is an essential in order to remain relevant. Deliver off-line capabilities to lend resourcefulness and reliability and your user will keep coming back to you. Non-dependence from network connectivity is a huge liberation.

This is an age of social networking, if your app can help connect your user to the social networks, that’s great. This is a boon as integrating on social networks increases app-sharing and increases visibility to amazing levels.

These are just a few tips and with the app industry still growing, the possibilities are endless.

Happy App-ing!

Post by: Mathumunisamy

Mathumunisamy is the Digital Marketing Lead at Innoppl. He is passionate about digital marketing trends, tools and techniques, mobile app and the web development industry.

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