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Spring Boot

Performing MongoDB CRUD Operation in Spring Boot

This blog explains how to use MongoDB with Java Spring Boot. We will create a simple CRUD API to interact with our Mongo database...

Apache Kafka

Kafka Vs. ActiveMQ - Comparing Key Differences & Use Cases

Apache Kafka and ActiveMQ are both open-source message brokers, but they have some key differences in terms of their design, perfo..

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Spring Boot

Most Commonly Used Annotations in Spring Boot

Spring Boot annotations are a form of metadata that provides data about a program that is not a part of the program itself. Follow..

Spring Boot

Understanding Spring Boot Project Structure

In this section we will discuss the project structure and various components of a Spring Boot project. ..

Spring Boot

Getting Started With Spring Boot

This tutorial covers the introduction to the Spring Boot framework, the benefits and the Spring Boot starter project. ..

Spring Boot

How to Change Spring Boot Default Port?

Spring Boot lets you run the same application more than once on a different port number. The default port used in Spring Boot is 8..

Spring Boot

How to Consume REST API in Spring Boot Using RestTemplate?

RestTemplate is a synchronous HTTP client and is designed to consume REST API calls from Spring boot application. ..

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Spring Boot

How to Execute Code on Spring Boot Application Startup?

Spring boot offers multiple options, for executing your code during the application startup. This post covers some of the best pra..

Spring Boot

How to Configure Swagger2 in Spring Boot Application?

This tutorial explains how to configure Swagger2 and enable SwaggerUI in Spring Boot application. ..


How Do I Clone a Specific Git Branch?

The git clone is a command-line utility which is used to make a local copy of a remote repository. It accesses the repository thro..

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