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Have an topic in mind? Before you write search the title to avoid submitting already published ideas. Currently we publish articles from following categories.

  • A tech news or a story
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This section outlines our strict content quality guidelines for guest bloggers. Before writing, first check if your article is adhered to following requirements to avoid time loss and frustration.


Content must be detailed, unique and at least 400 words long without fluffs. Internet plagiarism and duplicate content will be rejected outright by our editorial staff. Your article shouldn’t be an promotional content.


It doesn’t matter who writes the content, but you need to own it. We retain the copyright of all material published on Stacktips. Once a post is live you cannot republish it elsewhere.

External Links:

You may put links to your blog or any other website between the posts. We don’t mind all such links as long as the links help to educate readers. All other promotional links will be removed.

Code Snippets:

All codes snippets published on this website should have open source licence. We prefer to use Github for code hosting. You’re free to use the service of your choice.

Post Formatting:

A well formatted articles are easy to read and index higher on search results. Check out the content formatting guidelines we follow for all articles on this site. We recommend you to use Google Docs or Microsoft Word software for formatting articles.

Where to Start?

If you have a post that follows the above guidelines, you can email directly to editors[@] After you submit the post, it will be reviewed and published. As it goes live, it will be shared on our network and you will be notified with an email and or tweet.

If your article need any changes, our editorial staff will get in touch with and to let you know about changes.

Although it is not necessary, you’re always welcome to discuss the topic before submitting.