WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system) website development framework written in PHP. This is probably the easiest, quickest way to develop a shiny new website by keeping the cost low.

WordPress is not the only publishing platform to enjoy the sweet spot. There are other similar and few popular publishing platforms with lot many features to offer.

In the following section, I’ve called out some of the reasons why you should consider using WordPress:

  • Amazingly extendable: Addition to strong and stable core, WordPress is quite extendable. Themes, Plugins, Menu and Widgets give you unlimited possibility to do almost everything you want.
  • Compliance with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards, although this does depend on the theme you’re using.
  • Ability to post content via e-mail or mobile apps.
  • Intelligent content formatting via a WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG-What You See Is What You Get) editor.
  • Multi-user and multi-author support for user accounts.
  • Feature-rich Media Library for managing photos and other non-text content through a visual and highly usable interface
  • Active in development: WordPress platform is continuously evolving. Developers are working constantly in refining existing features, bug fixes and introducing new features.
  • Continuous security patch updates: Security patches are released constantly to keep your website protected from spanners and hackers.
  • Larger community base: Due to its open source nature, larger community of developers are developing, troubleshooting, making suggestions, and testing the application.
  • Built in automatic syndication feed including both RSS and Atom format.
  • Built-in embed functionality through short codes. Compatible with all major services including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Sound Cloud.
  • Easy to use and responsive admin panel to manage your WordPress site from all modern devices, operating systems, and web browsers.
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