Below code snippet is use to scale image in J2ME. It takes the new width and height and scales as per aspect ratio.

public static Image scale(Image original, int newWidth, int newHeight)
    int[] rawInput = new int[original.getHeight() * original.getWidth()];
    original.getRGB(rawInput, 0, original.getWidth(), 0, 0, original.getWidth(),
    int[] rawOutput = new int[newWidth*newHeight];
    int YD = (original.getHeight() / newHeight) * original.getWidth()
                                  - original.getWidth();
    int YR = original.getHeight() % newHeight;
    int XD = original.getWidth() / newWidth;
    int XR = original.getWidth() % newWidth;
    int outOffset= 0;
    int inOffset= 0;
    for (int y= newHeight, YE= 0; y > 0; y--){
         for (int x= newWidth, XE= 0; x > 0; x--){
            rawOutput[outOffset++]= rawInput[inOffset];
            if (XE >= newWidth){
                XE-= newWidth; inOffset++;
       inOffset+= YD;
       YE+= YR;
       if (YE >= newHeight){
             YE -= newHeight;
    return Image.createRGBImage(rawOutput, newWidth, newHeight, false);
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