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Android Studio brings tons of keyboard shortcuts that helps developers to keep hands more on keyboard rather than relying much on the mouse. The lesser you use mouse, results in faster development. Well, let us see some of the shortcuts for android studio for Mac user.

Android Studio Shortcuts for Mac OS X

Android Studio Command Type Mac OS X Shortcuts
Reformat codeOPTION + CMD + L
Show selected API documentationF1 / FUNCTION + F1
Generate Source CodeCMD + N
Jump to sourceCMD + DOWN ARROW KEY
Search by symbol nameOPTION + CMD + O
BuildCMD + F9
Build and RunCTRL + R
Toggle Project Sidebar VisibilityCMD + 1
Open ClassCMD + O
Open File ( including resources)CMD + SHIFT + O
Recent Files OpenedCMD + E
Recently edited filesCMD + SHIFT + E
Previous Next/Previous ErrorF2 / FUNCTION F2
Last Edited LocationCMD + SHIFT + BACKSPACE
Last LocationCMD + [ and CMD + ]
Go to DeclarationCMD + B
Go to SuperCMD + Y
Next Word NavigationALT + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEY
FindCMD + F
Find in PathSHIFT + CMD + F
Refactor Class, MethodCTRL + T


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