Twitter Fabric provides number of tools for getting deeper insight of the app. Fabric tool suite includes tools such as Crashlytics, Answers and MoPub to help developers build better apps, understand their users, monetize, and grow their business.

Since its first release in 2014, Fabric community has over 580 thousand registered mobile developers, and Fabric SDK is used over 2.5 billion active mobile installations. Crashlytics and Answers tool kits are recognized as the #1 SDKs for app stability and analytics.

Fabric is now acquired by Google and the team will join the Google’s Developer Products Group, working with the Firebase team.

When we look at Fabric, we see it as a great opportunity to bring together two amazing developer platforms, to really have the best of breeds,” said Jason Titus, vice president of Google’s Developer Product Group.

Google is batting big on Firebase to make it an unified platform that helps developers to build apps faster without having to worry about some of the underlying complexities. Now with the inclusion of Fabric, Firebase may ditch its own crash reporting tools and will adopt Fabric “Crashlytics” as main tool for reporting app crashes.

This acquisition however will not impact anything for the existing Fabric customers. But we believe, over the time, Google will unify the Fabric integration with Firebase SDK. This means developers do not have to integrate two different SDK’s to get Firebase and Fabric.

The company also mentioned that, the Digits will continue to be maintained by Twitter under its existing terms. For more details, you can visit Google’s official Firebase blog post.

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