On 7th annual Google I/O developer conference, Google introduced its upcoming android operating system Android Lollypop. One of the key focus of this event was Android Lollypop and and material design. Google has made huge investment for bringing life to design by introducing a complete new design philosophy for visual, motion, and user interaction. They call it as material design!

Although, Android is one among leading mobile operating system, it was falling behind its competitor iOS when it comes to visual design. Apple’s design first approach, provides rich and ease to use to experience for smartphone users. Google’s material design certainly a footstep, towards improvising platform design and to provide rich user experience with visual language.

Checkout Google’s new website that helps application designers and developers to learn and adopt material design principles. Here, you will find all the resources that helps to understand the key elements of material design. It covers the various topics such as, introduction to available android visual components and layouts , platform design guidelines and recommendation, usage of fonts, enabling different accessibility features, patterns and user actions. Hope to see some appealing Android L applications soon on Google Play!

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