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  • Nilanchala Creative Technologist

    A blogger, a bit of tech freak and a software developer. He is a thought leader in the fusion of design and mobile technologies. He is the author of Xamarin Mobile Application Development for Android Book (, DZone MVB and founder of

  • Stacktips Editorial Staff

    StackTips provides programming tutorials, how-to guides and code snippets on different programming languages. Follow us on Twitter

  • Bibhudatta

    She loves coding for web and working with Microsoft Technologies. She has developed enterprise applications with B2B and B2C business models for worlds leading Financial and Retail chain market.

  • Madhumita

    She is self-motivated enthusiastic techie spending most of her time in writing code. She loves coding, android and java. She has developed her software personality with understanding on various tools and technologies and hands on experience on app development.

  • Ram Lakshmanan

    Every single day millions & millions of people in North America - bank, travel and do commerce using the applications that Ram Lakshmanan has architected. Ram is an acclaimed speaker in major conferences on the scalability, availability, performance topics. Recently he has founded a startup, which specializes in troubleshooting performance problems.

  • Satish Kumar

    I am a self-driven software professional from Bangalore who live with a desire to set new examples, something that can create a unique signature of my own. I am a very friendly, fun loving person. I love to interact with people and make new friends who can bring difference in my life. I strive to become a better programmer.

  • Manas

    He is a java and web and enterprise application developer in Bangalore area, India. He has expertise in Servlets, JSP, Hibernet, Struts, JavaScript, Groovy, UML and other related tools and technologies.

  • Celin Smith

    Celin Smith is renowned web developer and blogger at Xicom Technologies Ltd. who loves to write regarding mobile and web applications.

  • Rick Brown

    Rick Brown is a veteran programmer with Mobiers Ltd and provides custom iOS app development services. You can get in touch with him anytime to clear related queries and explore more about the development platform.

  • Jason Daszkewicz

    Jason is a WordPress expert, associated with Wordsuccor Ltd. and has a lot of experience in converting Drupal to WordPress. He likes to stay updated with the latest tech advancements and also loves to contribute to the same.

  • Addison Cohen

    Addison Cohen is an iPhone application developer working with Appsted Ltd He loves sharing latest information on mobile technologies including iOS, android development processes.

  • Leana Thorne

    Leana Thorne is a freelance writer covering various technology themes. She enjoys sharing content – information is power. Currently is writing for Crucial web hosting about cloud computing, virtual private servers, free web hosting and similar.

  • Tracey Jones

    Tracey Jones is a complete professional with years of experience in the web development field. Currently, she is associated with HireWPGeeks Ltd, a reliable company which provides PSD to WordPress theme conversion service to our global clients. Instead of these, she loves to share her innovative thoughts with others on the web.

  • Boni Satani

    Boni Satani is a Java Engineer associated with Cygnet Infotech – a Java Development Company which offers various Java Services to its clients worldwide.

  • Lucie Kruger

    Lucie Kruger is an eminent Senior Content Editor and IT consultant for Mobiers Ltd.

  • Emily Heming

    She is a professional blogger and working for one of the leading Mobile Development Company.

  • Sarah Parker

    Sarah Parker is an experienced PSD to WordPress service provider, and a web designer. With this article, she is making people aware about creating event listing in Wordpress.

  • Sam Atkinson

    A passionate technologist, entrepreneur and all round geek, Sam is the founder of Core Java Interview Questions.

  • Sophia Phillips

    Sophia Phillips's forte is WordPress developer and her work exists at the intersection of web development and technology blogging. Sophia is professionally associated with WordPrax Ltd. that has been taking huge strides in the web domain consistently and dominatingly.

  • Emily Benson

    Emily is an experienced CMS Developer, currently employed at HireMagentogeeks – Magento Development Company. She is also a passionate writer and loves to write technical posts.

  • Anshi Sharma

    Anshi Sharma is a mobile application developer, who has done lots of creative works in the field of application designing and development. She has been associated with AppsChopper and has written multifold blogs and articles that present strategic designing, development and marketing tips for application.

  • David Meyer

    David Meyer is a tech-savvy mobile app developer at CSSChopper -Web App Development Company. His passion in blog & article writing can also be seen through his write-ups in gigantic posts.

  • Navneet Goel

    I am a Coding enthusiast with the heart of an entrepreneur. Passed out of NSIT Delhi in 2014, I am currently working in a multinational company as an R&D Engineer and used to write Android Tutorials in free time.