Android Tutorials

Find some of the high quality Android tutorials and examples that helps you to get started with Android programming. This series of tutorials are designed for fresh and experienced java and non-java developers with exposure to programming.

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1. Introduction to Android

  1. What is Android?
  2. Android Versions and API Levels
  3. Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
  4. Fundamentals: Activity, Intent, Services
  5. Broadcast Receivers & Content providers

2. Getting Started with Android Development

  1. Setting up your development environment
  2. Installing Android Studio
  3. Android Studio Features
  4. Android Studio Shortcuts For Mac OS X Users
  5. Creating and Running First Android App
  6. Android Studio Project Structure
  7. Passing data from one Activity to other
  8. Starting an activity for a result
  9. Building .apk and installing into android device

3. Android Layout Managers

  1. Linear Layout
  2. Table Layout
  3. Relative Layout
  4. Frame Layout
  5. ScrollView in Android

4. Building Android User Interface

  1. TextView Android
  2. EditText Android
  3. ButtonView Android
  4. Different way to handle events in Android
  5. Toast Android
  6. ImageView Android
  7. RadioButton Android
  8. Checkbox Android
  9. SeekBar Android
  10. WebView in Android
  11. ProgressBar While Loading WebView
  12. Menu Android
  13. Popup Menu 
  14. Customizing ActionBar in Android
  15. Android Styles and Themes

5. Android Adapter Views

  1. RecyclerView in Android
  2. ListView in Android
  3. ListView with Section Header
  4. Asynchronous Image Loader in Android ListView
  5. GridView in Android
  6. Building Image Gallery in android

6. Android Advance User Interface

  1. Navigation Drawer in Android
  2. ViewFlipper in Android
  3. Creating image slideshow using ViewFlipper
  4. TextSwitcher and ImageSwitcher in Android
  5. Include tag layout example
  6. How to Drag a View in Android

7. Android Lollipop Tutorials

  1. RecyclerView in Android
  2. Android Toolbar
  3. Android Swipe to Refresh 

8. Android Dialog and Popup

  1. Dialog Android
  2. Customizing Android Dialog
  3. Input Dialog Android
  4. Popup Menu in Android Example

9. Advance Android Concepts

  1. Android Data Persistence using SQLite Database
  2. Android Networking Tutorial
  3. Creating a Background Service in Android
  4. Background Service using IntentService
  5. Repeat Alarm In Android Using AlarmManager
  6. Android Notification Using Notification Compact

10. Social Network Integration

  1. YouTubePlayerView using YouTube API in Android
  2. Using Facebook SDK in Android
  3. Share file to Dropbox in Android
  4. Integrating with Twitter from Android App

11. Miscellaneous Android Examples

  1. Handler and AsyncTask in Android
  2. Android Handler Example
  3. Download Image using AsyncTask
  4. JSON Feed Reader in Android
  5. How to Convert POJO to XML in Android
  6. Image Picker Using Intent.ACTION_PICK
  7. Sending SMS Message in Android
  8. How to Send Email in Android
  9. Android Status Bar Notifications
  10. Displaying Progress Notification in Android
  11. Home Screen App Widgets Example in Android

Chapter 12: Android How To’s

  1. Google Analytics in Android
  2. How to Display HTML in TextView
  3. How to create an Alert Dialog
  4. How to Turn off, Turn on wifi in Android
  5. Get List of Installed Apps in Android
  6. Convert Text to Speech in Android
  7. Start an Application at Device Boot-up
  8. How to get Device ID Example in Android
  9. Listing all SDCard Files with extensions
  10. Get all Registered Email Accounts
  11. How To Create Excel File In Android
  12. Universal Image Loader Android Library

Chapter 13: Android Q&A

  1. Android Freshers Interview Question
  2. Android Service Interview Questions